Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the alligators

The red hot chili peppers said in a song "Up to my ass in alligators, lets get it on with the alligator hators"

I have always loved this quote. I picture myself standing in a knee deep baby pool with calm, happy, well-fed, alligators sleeping all around me. Now what would those alligators do if i made them very very angry??

Look around you, who are you surrounded by? What would upset them? What are the silent rules in your life that you are not supposed to break? The things that you maybe sometimes wish you could do? I hate living with those restrictions, but the sad thing is that I have to. I created those restrictions when I grew up and took on responsibilities, such as a career, paying bills, working in education, renting a house, etc. I have to act responsible and smart to keep my life the way it is. Of course, I can change my life anytime, but that involves making some decisions about my career etc.

So what do i do when I just have the urge to be CRAZY???? The urge to act out, have too much to drink at the wrong place or wrong time, do too much of one thing, skip my obligations, run away, max out my credit cards and travel the world, meet a stranger somewhere, what else?? Arent those things all on my bucket list anyway? Ha!

I know....its all about BALANCE, and careful planning. but thats boring and involves no alligators...or alligator hators.

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