Monday, September 27, 2010

Girls day out at the Chiefs game

I survived the weekend. I could barely stand after Friday night, but I managed to rise early on Saturday to help Weave move, jog 6 miles (broke a personal record!), then worked Sat night.

Now I mentioned that I wasnt completely into the Chiefs game on Sunday (I was already exhausted) but planned to go because I wanted to see a few girlfriends, and I do really need the girl time. I woke at 8:20 am, showered, packed, filled up with gas, then headed to the city. The girls were ready before me so they went inside and I knew they were annoyed with me already for not sleeping over Sat night, then being somewhat late for tailgating. I had a great time tho and it was great to see them. I was not drinking, and I know sober people look boring, but I HONESTLY had fun. The Chiefs played awesome, the VIP tickets were outstanding, the homemade burgers were "the best burgers I ever put in my mouth", and the girls are the best girls I could have been with.

However, at the end of the game, I soberly watched all the fans evacuating the stadium at 3 o'clock, and I was so envious. I had loved catching up with the girls although it is very hard to have a conversation during the previous 3 hours of cheering and drinking. SO, I watched those fans leaving, looked at my watch, and I knew that my girls were prepared for another two hours of partying easily. I wanted to go home. So I did.

Thats where things soured. My bestie was totally bummed that I refused to stay as they cheered and slowly downed their last beers during the final minute of the game. I told her how great everything was but that I needed to start my commute home and rest before working another 12 hour workday. It ended up being a complete clash of viewpoints. She had worked hard to put everything together and was not ready for the festivities to end, I understand. And if I had not been sober, I am sure I would have wanted to party longer as well.

In the end, she told me she wouldnt have wanted anyone else there and that she wasnt mad at me anymore. She truly is a great person and I know she doesnt like to hold grudges because she cares about people too much. (love ya Tino:)

To conclude..... I would like to keep going in this new direction with my social life if I can. I want to meet and hang out while saving money and with less drinking. We shall see.....thats easier to do when I am as content as I currently am. I hope it stays that way because I feel great.

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