Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little bit of everything

When I put this blog together, It felt sooooo good. I was super excited about having a place to vent, share thoughts and ideas, and spill my guts. So every day I think to myself "what could I blog about today?", exercise, friends, family......and I draw a blank!
My life seems casual, balanced, scattered. So here is a random and scattered blog post.....hopefully I will be able to develop more interesting and specific posts in the future.

1. I LOVE work. My job is truly great right now. I dont dread coming in to work, I actually look forward to it. I have made new friends, gotten to know the students, and my schedule is better this year. Classes are smaller, better behaved, and my lessons are better. I am carpooling with the music teacher. We have fun and I feel like I have some type of comrade. I also save maybe a hundred bucks a month on gas.

2. I still enjoy Sedalia. I enjoy having friends close by and on call. I enjoy the parks, trails, hanging out with my mom, and cheap nights out. That said, I have definitely become tired of living in my cute little apartment. I have been ready for quite some time to live with someone, either Darrin or a roommate. Monster needs a new home before i can move.....

3. The fitness challenge is fun and motivating. I am also looking at a possible half marathon (13 mile run) in November. My college pal Melanie is interested in helping me work out a diet and fitness plan to beat Darrin in our I can swim, run, bike, weightlift, etc. My gym membership is cheap and I can swim for a dollar a night.

4. My financial plan is coming along awesome. I am paying off debt, saving, snowballing, and i am past all the hard parts. It took me 3 months to just figure out WHERE i spend my money, and then to create my budget. Now that I know my budget, I look forward to every expense, including bills. Its satisfying to me, just like throwing things away and cleaning my house. How wierd is that??

5. I have accepted that I might not have children. I would of course if all the necessary pieces of the life puzzle had fallen that way for me, but so far they have not. I am not sad or regretful. I enjoy kids (why else would I enjoy teaching), but I am like many people that were never in a hurry and if it happens, it happens. I saw a documentary on happiness, and it said that having children doesnt necessarily make people happier. In terms of relationships, it said couples that have children are less satisfied with their relationship because of less quality time, obligations, etc. This doesnt mean that ppl with kids are unhappy, just that relationships change when you do. Whether I have kids of my own between 28 and 40, or meet someone and become a stepmom, thats fine. If i never do, that is also fine.

6. to Darrin. I love him. I enjoy every minute with him. I have never had any qualms about my ability to be loyal, to commit, to enjoy the rest of my life with him. That said....our relationship has been on again , off again, and rocky. I could probably write a novel rather than a blog post on that subject. I will save the energy for later and time unfolds :)

7. So all in all, I am very happy with my life. Career, family, friends, money, travels, fitness, all are exactly where I want them to be. If I could get the relationship on calm and settled ground, I think I would fly from cloud nine up to heaven already.

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