Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spirit Week and Friends

Well it is Spirit Week at school. I like to dress up so this year I have created my own spirit costumes. Yesterday I was an alien from Toy Story. Today I am Indian themed, from Pocahontas. Tomorrow is Greek day.

Anyway, because it is Spirit week it is also very busy. Monday I worked from 8 am until 8 pm at meetings and then extra duties. Grades were due Tuesday. Friday is Homecoming day, the football game, and then I am working extra duties at the school dance until Midnight. Saturday I have to help senior sponsors set up and tear down a dinner banquet. I LOVE my job. I don't mind the extra duties or being busy occasionally, as long as I can still squeeze in some fitness and personal time at home with Darrin before starting the next work day or week.

I am facing a slight conflict with balancing things, as usual. My girlfriends have been planning nights out for a few weeks now, and I have been missing in action for many of those nights lately. Tino has been picking up tickets to wizards and chiefs games; Kendra has been getting free happy hours at power and light. They are great deals, free meals, good seats etc. My little problem is that right now my priorities are different. I have been finding a great amount of peace in eating healthy, drinking less often, enjoying the outdoors, going for jogs and lifting weights, and especially saving money. I have been saving over half of my entertainment budget lately and feel great not drinking.

What I wish for is the ability to meet the girls for happy hours, dinners, walks at the park, movie nights, painting our nails etc, and then be able to go home. Instead it requires a commute to Kansas city, heavy drinking, overspending, and hugely crowded social events. This often requires arranging rides, driving, or packing overnight bags.

Why am I complaining????? They are the greatest friends I could possibly hang out with. I love them. I should feel lucky they want to hang out with me. I hope when I am in need they would be there for me and I hope I am not wussing out on them too much. I am going to meet them this weekend because I want to see them, not because I want to go to a chiefs game or drink beers or pay 20 dollars to park. When I get there I might even enjoy it as much as I know I will enjoy seeing the girls.

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  1. I know what you mean. I'm playing in a police vs fire basketball game Saturday for Make a Wish Foundation. And I can't wait for it to be over. I love basketball, I love doin it with friends, and I love doin things for a good cause. But I'm so busy with work that trying to make time for practice has put a huge fun-dampening stress on the whole thing. And when friends call me to go out, I never can because I'm always working. I love my job though and I just haven't been able to find a healthy balance. I thinks thats what we're all in search of, a healthy balance.