Wednesday, September 8, 2010

why blog?

I have not read many blogs. I am partly inspired to create my blog because I was invited to read my friend Whitney's blog "days of my life." She is an open book: honest, real, funny, and personal. After reading her blog I was jealous of her ability to share EVERYTHING with EVERYBODY. And I am not kidding, "everything" is what makes her life and blog so interesting. It looked so refreshing to just spit it all out there regardless of what people might think, especially since she has a tight circle of family and friends that already know, and already love her no matter what.

I am not sure that I have that tight circle of family and friends, but I sure would like to. My family is very supportive and my friends are generally positive. But tight-knit? I dunno. And do they know everything about me? I think........

So my dream is to create that loving circle of people around myself and know that they are there through whatever life phase I begin. Maybe this blog will help. Even if it doesnt, lets have some fun.


  1. I love it Jenny. I love you and although I know aI dont know everything about you- considering we've actually hung out in person maybe 5 times, i feel like i've known you forever and continue to love getting to know the real you and loving every bit of it. Reading your blog- i realize that the you I have learned to know is that person that longs for something deeper than just the same old "what we are supposed to be and do".. which is the way I feel and how I try to live my life to not be like. It feels so great to just let it all out and be that vulnerable and not worry about what others will think of you... that can be very difficult tho- as you said regarding your career- we did put ourselves in careers that have "standards" that we are to live by... annoying at times- but it is our careers that make us part of who we are and love about ourselves, so.. unfortunately.. for me anyways it would be hard to change. But- i love this blogging thing and I will try and do it with you... it will be something different than our normal texting- it will allow us to be more vulnerable.. something scary but something that feels very good:) love who you are more than you could ever know.

  2. GO FOR IT JENNY!!!! I like the idea.