Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling better after 8 days

Well I can walk, which means I can get to packing and moving again. It was hard to spend my weekend off my feet when all I wanted to do was pack and clean. My ankle has been mostly pain free and my left knee has ached less today. I had a sorta migraine for 2 days also, and its mostly cleared. I am hoping to add swimming to my schedule Tuesday night to get back into shape after the grueling marathon running i did the past 4 weeks.

Danny: I bought Saucony running shoes, they didnt work well enough for long distance though.

I survived 1st quarter of school, and parent teacher conferences are Thursday night and Friday morning. Its a busy week (school stuff every night) until Friday at noon when Darrin and I begin our weekend vacation.

Yes i said VACATION!!! woo hoo. It is a weekend trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas where we will stay in the Doris Day suite at a little hotel run by a gay couple. They are extremely good at customer service and each room has a theme: Harry Houdini, Rock Hudson, Cocacola, etc. Talk about a fun place. I have also never vacationed in Arkansas and despite all the churchiness in Eureka, I think I will really like it. The town is historic, full of artsy shops, and surrounded by mountain trails and a lake. Cant wait :) It doesnt compare much in price and scenery to Darrins brother Dave's current vacation (they are in hawaii...jealous!).

Wish me luck in surviving my Art Club pumpkin carving contest tomorrow night....imagine 5th graders working with knives and sawing away at a pumpkin and being assisted by high school students. haha

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