Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally some change

I gave away Monster Kitty last night. I put all her belongings in my car, set her carrier facing forward in the backseat, and drove 45 minutes to exit 98 to meet a girl named Amie. Monster and I looked each other in the eye the whole way (through the rearview mirror) and if she cried any I sang to her. When Amie pulled up with her husband, Monster was calm and scared. She actually did not hiss or get defensive. He picked her up and held her. We switched all of her belongings to their trunk and I kissed her on the head twice goodbye. I couldnt stop looking at her, and she seemed to be trembling as he held her in the passenger seat. It was heartbreaking.

The couple seem to be true animal lovers, although not clean people and they looked poor. It scares me to death. The thing that is helping me along without a meltdown is that Amie and I have texted each other and Amie plans to keep me updated on how things go. I have not felt like doing much or being social.

As sad as I am, I need to start thinking about the future because I am truly grateful for the current changes in my life. I am finally moving out of my solo apartment after 3 years of living alone. I can take all the chord protectors off my electrical chords and wash all the cat hair out of my apartment. I can leave a pair of earrings sitting on the counter. I can sleep with the bedroom door open. I still miss her and its so much more lonely here as I begin packing my bags and sorting my belongings. I pray that she is safe and well cared for, she seems to be. And I am happy and sad at the same time.

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