Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fitness challenge: Update

Darrin and I are about halfway through the fitness challenge. We started with a total of about 6 -7 weeks. It ends October 31. I am afraid there is no clear winner so far. Maybe that is good, kinda like a close football game with a tie score? The problem is, neither of us has lost any bodyfat. We have fluctuated in losing about 1-3 pounds each, depending on when we weigh.

So, all that to say, the data is inconclusive at this point. To up my chances, I spent about 70-80 dollars in healthy groceries, including protein supplements. How does that help me then? The contest cost $50 so would that put me in the hole already? Haha i hope not.

I do want to win. I am training for the half marathon and it feels geat. I am learning to cook my meals and resist temptation...some. I am trying to do cross training between lifting, swimming, and jogging. Darrin has increased his running distance and speed as well. So, although there is no clear winner, we both look and feel great. Maybe in the end one of us will win or else split the pot. We will see Oct. 31.

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  1. More update:
    I ran ten miles yesterday! my knees hurt. I have been eating more protein, lifting weights, crosstraining, and it has been working. I might even WIN!
    The scale said I had lost 5 pounds yesterday. Could be half water weight of course, but I hope to keep things up. With the marathon training, its going well.