Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I bought my first piece of furniture! A beautiful bamboo style chest (imitation of course). I saw it at the thrift store and immediately had to have it. I also hand picked the mirror for an extra $25 to sit atop it. Finally, Darrin's mom stopped by with gifts and the plant just matched perfectly. The new furniture is oversized but thats what real furniture is like i guess? Everything I own I collected for free from family. My couch is a twin bed with a full mattress set behind it and brown slip covers covering it. My bed is one mattress sitting on two box springs. My dining area is an old tv stand painted black. My entertainment center is two coffee tables stacked upon each other, all for free. AND....it looks great! hahha. If you saw my place, I must proudly say: I have made it work.

Now Darrin and I have started discussing living together, and we have no idea where any of my belongings would fit in there, but I really dont care. Who knows, I may garage sale half of it or just store it in a basement. It didnt cost me much to collect so far, but I will definitely be holding onto my new additions.

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