Monday, October 11, 2010

Latest Art Project

At the school where I teach I have a lovely, oversized, and practical art classroom. However, after construction, my two windows to the outside world were walled in to make a new hallway. So now, when the lights go out, my classroom goes pitch black. Its a safety hazard and a big pet peeve for me when a kid "accidently" turns off the light.
To keep things safe, I have been leaving the supply closet open and the closet light on. I also have a flashlight next to my desk. I know I could always put tape over the light switct if i need to, but right now its okay.
Regardless, I have used the light situation as an excuse for my latest clay project - a ceramic lamp. Its been SOOO fun.
I bought a used lamp from the thrift store for two dollars, of which I can take the "guts" out for my handmade lamp. I have a cadet teacher thats great with anything hands on and helped me work out the mechanics of switching over the wires. So far I have the outside of the structure built, and now it is time to seal the top and carve out creative designs, as well as the hole in the bottom for the chord.
The clay was given to me by Darrin's aunt Debbie and I absolutely LOVE this clay! Its like modeling and sculpting clay, thicker and sturdier than the grey clay in my classroom. Needless to say, I owe her one of the creations I make.

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