Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lost Girls

I just finished a book called "The Lost Girls." Three 28 year old girls gave up their magazine publishing jobs in New York City to travel around the world for 1 full year. Two of them left behind boyfriends, one of which a very happy relationship. The 3 girls went to South America first, followed by Africa, then to India and Asia, and ended in Australia.

The book can be pretty boring at times, but I stick things out with my nonfiction books because I know a true story has highs and lows. Life can be boring at times, and full of human emotion and action at other times. Sitting in an airport, riding on busses and trains, can be boring aspects of traveling, if you dont already love traveling. I LOVE traveling. I like airports full of strangers, crowded subways, living out of a bag, and exploring new places. Its all worth it.

These 3 particular girls lived it up in South America, volunteered at a girls home in Africa, spent time at a meditation school in India, got 8 dollar massages in Thailand, and surfed in Australia. Why is it that women love to travel, yet its tooth and nail to get your loved one to travel with you??? Do women know how to enjoy life more? Traveling is not a privilege afforded to many of our mothers and grandmothers. Are men too preoccupied with bringing in the dough to travel? I have known since my childhood (thank you dad) that traveling is the best experience money can buy. Anyway that is a tangent.......back to the book.

So the Lost Girls did not figure out every aspect of their lives. When they returned home even the happy relationship had not survived the long distance. They made a ton of money off their book and new group of fans. I enjoyed reading it and agreeing with the epiphanies and the non-epiphanies they came to while traveling. I have a new desire to visit Thailand, Greece, Costa Rica, to learn Spanish, to teach English abroad, etc. I have a feeling I will get to do many of those things during my lifetime, and that I have chosen the perfect career to help me along. Anybody want to join?


  1. "Are men too preoccupied with bringing in the dough to travel?"

    My answer is yes. It's my job to be able to provide and pay the bills. And I wonder if I'll ever feel comfortable that I have enough in savings to give me the space to take time off work and spend money on a vacation.

  2. Its all about priorities can make money and still travel. You and lauren went on that cruise to Mexico, and it was probably worth every minute and penny :) I do prefer to take shorter trips than other travelers, so I can keep my life at home balanced.