Saturday, October 16, 2010

moving along like Odysseus

Sometimes I think my life is like a collection of phases. Similar to Odysseus, he went from one place to another and collected experiences, sometimes staying in one place for a very long time before leaving and beginning the next adventure. Some of those phases were much happier and healthier than others, some were dangerous and full of tragedy.

I am sure we all live in phases. I am currently in one of the most content and happy places I have been since I was probably 19 years old. When I was 19, life was full of the unexpected. I was surrounded by young single friends, dabbling in odd and crazy hobbies such as rollerblading, hackysack, playing guitar, face painting at Silver Dollar City, learning what I believed in, sewing handmade dresses, lifeguarding at the pool, etc. I worked crazy jobs, took classes on every possible subject, and had zero guy problems cuz I just did not date. My priority was learning.

I had a completely different phase before I was 19 (high school and the sweetheart) and after college (living in Kansas City with Danny and learning how to party). Life in my current phase is very calm. I am happy with Darrin. I have a great job with tons of potential (I might get to teach a dual credit Art class...heck yeah!) And I am paying off debt. I have goals, old people goals like saving, retirement, traveling, and moving up in my career. And I might just be creating a new home with Darrin. A home of mutual love and encouragement, growth in a relationship, and sharing life's experiences. I hope my family sees that love and growth and is willing to be a part of it. I also hope that it lasts, but I feel content either way at this point. I would be fine if this piece of my odysseus timeline lasts quite a while.

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