Saturday, October 16, 2010

November is gonna be bad..

So although life is truly fabulous, I need to let friends and family know that for the month of November I will likely disappear. For this month, I have taken on the responsibilty of Junior High Cheerleading at my school. Art Club is also very busy, as well as grading and 2nd quarter. Senior sponsor requires that I work concessions the nights that I am not supervising cheerleaders. I will be riding the school bus with the basketball team all around our district, starting in a week. My weekends are filling up and my evenings are going to be exhausting. On top of work, this is the month I am moving. I have to sort my belongings and be out of the apartment by Dec.1.

Its all great, but I do miss family and friends. I squeeze in time with a pal a couple times a week and a visit to mom's for a day, but I miss dad, my bros, and KC friends. So, if any of you want to plan a visit to Sedalia, or halfway in between, lets do it! and hurry up :)

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