Friday, October 22, 2010

They said it could happen..

Well I have read and people have told me that training for a half-marathon should be done gradually and carefully to prevent injuries. When a friend asked me about joining a half-marathon for November 7th, I had exactly 7 weeks to train. I pondered and then created a 7 week training schedule. The shortest training schedule I found online was 10 weeks (first warning) so I condensed a couple versions down to my 7 week plan. I had a 3 mile base but my 3 mile run is pretty weak and slow.

Anyway, the first 3 weeks went well. I worked up to 6 miles, then 8, then 10. My knees would ache for 2 days but nothing else. After the fourth week, however, I ran 11 miles. My knees still ache slighty and it has been 5 days. What concerns me though, is my ankle. It hurts to stand or walk even after 5 days. Something is really wrong unfortunately. I would definitely not walk very far right now. Monday and Tuesday I was limping, the next three days it has healed slightly.

I hope that it heals and I could complete the half-marathon, but not at the cost of paying for Xrays and limping for weeks. I will wait and see, in the meantime my diet and motivation for the fitness challenge has gone KaPLOOey. Neither Darrin nor I have lost any bodyfat. We made slight changes in exercise and diet, which is good. I think after this Halloween and challenge ends, new goals are definitely on the horizon, and more small achievable goals.


  1. I ran 5.5 miles at the station and am finally convinced that I need a new pair of running shoes. I work with a couple of real runners who always said I needed them. But I kept arguing that mine were fine, and I didn't run far enough to justify new ones. Well my hips and back hurt the worst after the run and that can only be shoes. But the good news is I ran further than I ever have before. And you're kickin my butt in distance. So I'm gonna buy new shoes and then get my distance up to your level.

  2. Hey bro;

    SO as i said, saucony running shoes didnt help me much in my new distance training. I doubt any shoes would have prevented my injuries. I had a friend drop me off 11 miles away from my house with no cell phone and only my feet to get me home. It hurt bad for 9 days.

    anyway i wish we could run together more often. Since i have been such a homebody and debt focused I have been saving the gas money that i used to spend visiting the city. The holidays are coming up....bring your running shoes maybe we can jog before turey feast :) love ya