Monday, November 1, 2010

change of luck

WOW....everything in that last post "8 days" ended up being WRONG. I woke up the next morning with a migraine! The headached I mentioned turned into a viral infection keeping me in bed for 10 days! I had to call in sick to work for the past week, missing every night of school events also. I made it to Art Club's pumpkin carving contest, but missed my little cheerleaders first game as well as conferences and senior night. The vacation was cancelled! booo hooo We are hoping it is just postponed to this weekend. And I had a CATSCAN today. Just making sure I dont have a tumor or anything! really? And this whole week that I have been homesick, I have been lucky to be able to eat, shower, or even pick up a dirty Tshirt. Needless to say, I didnt get a single box packed while I was home doing absolutely nothing. I also visited the hospotal ER to get two shots for a migraine and a bag of fluids because I was so dehydrated. Its been very very Very painful.

I truly hope it is over. Cat scan results are normal I assume; unless I hear otherwise. The pain has finally receded somewhat and I will try to return to work tomorrow (Tuesday). I saw an old friend and classmate, he actually performed my cat scan today how neat is that? I am very sick of taking Vicodin, believe I dont like how nauseus and woozy it makes me. I just want to be healthy dammit! There are a lot of things I would love to be doing and enjoying in this life if I can just get painfree.

Btw, our fitness challenge is over. Darrin and I have tied, although he is trying to say I won and give me the money. tempting ...:) We both got a little healthier and tied in weight loss etc. You definitely cant count my weight loss anyway after throwing up meds and losing appetite on vicodin.

Also lately, I have realized I want to travel. Kel and Courtney are in california. An old college friend Molly has a spare room in colorado. I would like to start saving for trips! well, until next post, gbye.

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