Thursday, November 11, 2010


At the moment I am currently high on pumpkin flavored fudge and Dr. Pepper. You might be able to see the high and then the low on this post, haha. I am typing in the classroom as I wait my time to coach cheerleaders tonight.

I want to share some of the neat ideas I am picking up from the current book, 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss. I think I have some natural qualities that he describes and which he used to further along his career.

Ferriss recommends an alternative view on lifestyle and career. His focus is on simplifying things, especially time-saving adjustments and challenging the traditional way of doing things. He is very business oriented but I am trying to pick up as much as I can apply to my career. One of the neatest concepts is to create mini-retirements for yourself instead of waiting until you're 60 yrs old and working your tail off until you are too old to enjoy retirement. I think I already save time, am an eliminationist at heart already, and have chosen a career that will allow "mini-retirements." Maybe I can improve it even more?

Four of my "dreamlines" or mini-retirement goals are:
-Have a pool that I can swim in anytime of anyday
-Learn Spanish fluently
-Have an Art studio room for making my own art
-visit Greece

Now these first four are supposed to be reachable in 6 months. Why wait, right?? Retirement is too far away!

So I am working on all four goals, and fortunately 2 of them are at no cost. I have a Spanish tutor and the public library on hand. I have a plan for the Art Studio, just need to run the idea by someone special :) The pool idea is the hardest, even harder than Greece actually. Anyone know of someone with an indoor heated pool in Sedalia? Maybe I could rent some time. The other idea for a pool I considered is pretty far-fetched but I am still brainstorming and already took a couple steps. Finally, I have the summer off and would like to start researching summer opportunities in Greece. Even just a 2 week trip would be exhilarating. The downside is that I would want Darrin to be with me for that kind of grand experience.

Well those are my first four from a list of about 15 dream mini-retirements. More to come in the future of course. It feels great to dream, because there have been a couple times that no dream felt worthwhile or enticing. Live life, and do it now :)

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