Tuesday, November 23, 2010

obsessive organization?

Darrin has mentioned before that my organization habits are a little extreme. I dont think he is worried about me, ha, but I would agree: I get a lot of satisfaction from staying organized. A couple examples:

After forgetting too many passwords, I started a username and password folder. Really its all just scribbled down on a manila folder, but they are all there and reachable when I need them. I know other people must get fed up of emailing forgotten passwords and answering security questions, so what else can you do? The part that scared Darrin was when I sat down and transferred them all from a ratty notebook to the folder.

After 9 months of creating and tweaking a budget (after reading Dave Ramsey's plan) I am about to the point of getting to a zero balance every month. If you are not familiar, that means a person knows where every cent of their income goes and plans in advance. Its awesome! I have zero financial worries, and the great satisfaction of paying off debts quickly. Because of the financial plan, I budget on a weekly basis. I also log every expense as I spend. That doesnt seem extensive does it? Well either way, its working :) When I get free time you might easily see me flipping through my envelopes and written budget or writing down receipts, etc.

Those are probably my two extremes, most other areas I would say I am about average at organization, including at work. Until next time..

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