Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ohh the Holidays :)

I LOVE the holidays! I like the weather, the lights, the festive atmosphere. I like the smells and the gifts and seeing family. Its great. I wanted a real tree this year for the new home with Darrin, but we decided to go artificial. We covered the tree with blue and silver. To replace the scent of a genuine pine tree, I bought some xmas tree scented potpourri :) Its probably the neatest thing in the living room for me.

A couple things I really love about this year's holidays:

1. Experiencing it with Darrin, living together, and planning it together. I would love to do it this way every year. Last year I flew to Mexico as a single and met friends who showed me Mexico City. It was an extraordinary experience, but it was also overshadowed by a tumultuous breakup back home. I am glad to be free of that and will enjoy this peace as long as it lasts. In the future, I think I will be content whether I am traveling or sharing a home with Darrin, or whether he is traveling with me or not. What I mean by that is; I have finally experienced the peace that I knew was possible. I know what life is like with peace and without, and I believe I am prepared for both.

2. On a less serious note, I have saved in advance for Christmas gifts! For about 13 family members I have budgeted $520 to spend. And yes, the amounts are even broken down per person. It's tight and evey penny I save this month, even on gas for example, goes towards xmas. All gifts are ready except for 3 people and it's just today the last day of November! Now I can relax, wrap gifts as they arrive in the mail ...hehe, sit back, and smell my winter tree candle :)

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