Monday, November 22, 2010

sleep and safety

Oh My it is Monday morning and the exhaustion is extreme. This weekend was short and labor intensive (I worked Friday night, played nurse, then unpacked for two days). My body is screaming for some rest and relaxation and there will be none of that in the next two days. I need to be home. I need to sleep.

Instead I will be at school until 10 pm both nights tonight and tomorrow. I am repeating myself, but Its ridiculous. I will take a nap in my car after school which seems to be how I am getting by. Really, any job can be overwhelming. Its not about how hard the job appears, it is the amount of your time that is consumed. Even if your responsibilities are only of minor importance, if it keeps you from a reasonable nights sleep it is too much and not even a worthwhile paycheck makes up for it.

So off that soapbox and possibly onto another: Someone is scouting Darrin's house and we are truly scared. A couple items disappeared from his property last month. Yesterday we discovered someone had tampered with and tried to enter the house through the back door (which they had to sneak into the back yard and pass through a fenced gate). We live out in the country; its not a busy street with people walking by. I just want to feel safe! Take what you want and dont come back! We are working on locks, doors, window coverings, alarms, but I cant do a single thing because I work every minute. arghhh. I just hope Darrin makes time to do some precautions.

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