Monday, November 8, 2010

vacation and the latest

Darrin and I had a worderful and laid back vacation. The drive was nice, weather plenty warm, hotel plenty modern, the city Eureka was interesting, yummy food, and good times. We also visited the Beaver lake Dam, bought some fudge and spicy salsa jalapenos, and rode with the convertible top down. We did not spend too much money and enjoyed our calm times at night in the hotel. I must say we both felt boring retiring so early on vacation to our hotel room to watch TV and play UNO, yes Uno hahaha. But it was nice and lovely. I had sadness about going back to work Monday.

I am almost completely weaned off of pain meds for the viral infection, its mostly cleared. Good news I can start light exercise this week and next. My two pals still competed in the half marathon and they both had personal records. I am not sad about missing it; just glad to be healthy and ready for MODERATE exercise.

I started reading a new book, The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. It is right up my alley: Traveling, living rich although not being rich, getting past the 9-5 boring day job etc. I am only on about page 10, ha but I can tell this book will be a great read. I am also finishing up Pearl Buck in China, which is a highly fascinating biography about an author.

Teaching this year has gotten officially boring and I know Christmas will be here very soon. I am supplementing career with the couple college course opportunities I can find. The first is the dual credit high school class that I am hoping works out for January. The other is applying for a job at SFCC in Sedalia, as a part time adjunct art teacher, in which I would probably teach one night class and hope to teach one summer class. I dont want my career to get into a standstill, and I definitely dont want to get beleaguered down by behavior problems in the public school system. The few kids today made it rough enough.

I am moving the big furniture into Darrin's house this weekend. Yay for more change. And I was disturbed by a friends pessimistic remark about us living together last night. He admitted that he is an obnoxious cynic when it comes to relationships, but the comment still hurt and discouraged me more than it should have. I am happy for Darrin and I, our compromises, our continued support and love for each other, and our easily possible future. I hope my friends and loved ones can share that hope and happiness. I also hope my friends and loved ones can see there is more to life, and my life, than just this relationship. There can be more to our friendship, our conversation, our growth as people, than judgement and cynicism. I love my friend that I mentioned, and I hope to see him soon and hope he can see me as more than a buddy's girlfriend, because we used to have a whole lot more in common.

Thanks to Fred and Jill for the wonderful evening out with the ladies tonight and I look forward to our next get-together! Gotta have those girl nights :)

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