Friday, December 31, 2010

news and resolutions

It is New Years Eve 2010, and the weather is great! A rare warm front in Missouri, or not so rare?

Anyway Darrin and I survived the Holidays, they went Great! And Darrin is wonderful! I could not have asked for a more loving and peaceful Christmas. But I must say, our settling into coupledom is making us lazy :) This New Year (2011) I have to get back into shape, my belly is starting to protrude otherwise ha. I still love my body but I know how good it feel to be in shape. SO....I invited all friends and family to comlete a Beginners triathlon with me, which is in 3 weeks! Its short and sweet, so a perfect dip back into fitness. I might also do a 5k in 4 weeks, its in underground tunnels how cool is that??? And Nicole - - Dont back out. We have to do this triathlon!!!! very important :) I need to swim badly.

I also made the New Years resolution to pay off my credit with a year. I really dunno if its possible actually. Ideally I could pay it off in 16-18 months, so a year would be pushing it. I might alter that resolution and do a 50/50 plan where 50% savings goes into credit card debt, and the other 50% goes into TRAVeling!!! woo hooo what a much more self serving plan hahaha. I love traveling though. I started a travel fund, with two envelopes, one for darrin and one for me. I put my xmas gift money in my envelope as a starter. I have enough for my first plane ticket so thats nice. Lessons in Saving, and getting rid of debt at the same time.

I want to mention, that just this hour on New Years Eve, I did CLOSE my credit card. I know it does not have to be that drastic, and I know the benefits of having a long standing good account history (which I had 4 years on it) but I made the personal decision to take that Scary step. Why not??? If it encourages me to live more economically and control my spending, it only does me good. If I decide I am living recklessly by not having an actual credit card, I am sure it would only take 5 minutes to open a new one. And when I realized that, my fear of living without a Ccard turned into straight up relief. aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh.........I love it. And life will go on and be better.

Now, there are eleven hours left until 2011 and I must go enjoy them! Off to the park for the last warm outdoor jog for possibly months. Love you all :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tell the truth?

I was jogging on the treadmill at the gym the other day, and saw a few lines on the tv about the wikileaks situation. I figured some government website had accidently leaked information to the public. It piqued my interest slightly.
Later, I asked Darrin what he knew, and he said that some military official has illegally leaked a bunch of documents but we dont know who.
Today, I understand.
And I am angry, justly angry, about what it currently going on in the world. This thing is BIG. I think this issue would divide people straight down the middle in a basic human argument: Should you tell the truth or not?

That question is complicated because many believe you should NOT tell the truth in many cases. I wholeheartedly disagree, because I know what it feels like to discover that people around you are directing YOUR life by withholding information about YOU. I will never decide someone else's future. I would never take someone else's life away. Let them LIVE. Let them know the truth.

If you knew who a friend's parent was, and they did not. Should they spend their whole life not knowing who their father is? Maybe because you decided their father is a bad person. LET THEM DECIDE!

If you knew your friend's husband was cheating on her, would you tell her? Do you really think it is your job to decide if she can handle the truth? SHE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! AND SHE DESERVES THE TRUTH. You are not God.

What people dont know WILL hurt them. I do not want to live a lie my entire life. I will not leave the table. We should know who killed JFK by now.

I have been honest at times when I knew it would affect other people most. I have shared information that upset my family, the people I love the most, because they deserve to know the truth and I do not deserve the ability to play God, or decide what they should and should not know. That is character. I told the truth when it would hurt ME. When it would hurt the people I love. And we are all better now because of it, we understand each other in a much more human way. We are closer, happier, and truly know each other.

That all being said, ........of course I support Wikileaks. I support free speech, government transparency, the cause for truth. Time magazine said wikileaks "could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act."
Wikileaks is non-profit."Wikileaks brings truth to the world by publishing fact-based stories without fear or favor." They are not terrorists. They have been motivated by current events just like I have since 9/11.

I have a feeling my stance may not be the majority. I am angry that Paypal, Visa, MC, and other supposedly non-government companies have shut down access to support wikileaks. I saw that you can still use snail mail to support wikileaks. And of course, the government will still be able to keep secret and confidential information as they wish. This controversy might shut down wikileaks, but I hope not. Honestly.