Friday, December 31, 2010

news and resolutions

It is New Years Eve 2010, and the weather is great! A rare warm front in Missouri, or not so rare?

Anyway Darrin and I survived the Holidays, they went Great! And Darrin is wonderful! I could not have asked for a more loving and peaceful Christmas. But I must say, our settling into coupledom is making us lazy :) This New Year (2011) I have to get back into shape, my belly is starting to protrude otherwise ha. I still love my body but I know how good it feel to be in shape. SO....I invited all friends and family to comlete a Beginners triathlon with me, which is in 3 weeks! Its short and sweet, so a perfect dip back into fitness. I might also do a 5k in 4 weeks, its in underground tunnels how cool is that??? And Nicole - - Dont back out. We have to do this triathlon!!!! very important :) I need to swim badly.

I also made the New Years resolution to pay off my credit with a year. I really dunno if its possible actually. Ideally I could pay it off in 16-18 months, so a year would be pushing it. I might alter that resolution and do a 50/50 plan where 50% savings goes into credit card debt, and the other 50% goes into TRAVeling!!! woo hooo what a much more self serving plan hahaha. I love traveling though. I started a travel fund, with two envelopes, one for darrin and one for me. I put my xmas gift money in my envelope as a starter. I have enough for my first plane ticket so thats nice. Lessons in Saving, and getting rid of debt at the same time.

I want to mention, that just this hour on New Years Eve, I did CLOSE my credit card. I know it does not have to be that drastic, and I know the benefits of having a long standing good account history (which I had 4 years on it) but I made the personal decision to take that Scary step. Why not??? If it encourages me to live more economically and control my spending, it only does me good. If I decide I am living recklessly by not having an actual credit card, I am sure it would only take 5 minutes to open a new one. And when I realized that, my fear of living without a Ccard turned into straight up relief. aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh.........I love it. And life will go on and be better.

Now, there are eleven hours left until 2011 and I must go enjoy them! Off to the park for the last warm outdoor jog for possibly months. Love you all :)

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