Monday, January 31, 2011

feeling unemployed

Okay, so I love being a teacher but now I just feel unemployed. I finally was getting caught up at work and into the groove, and the winter storm of this year is rolling in. We had school today (Monday) for half a day, and were then dismissed to drive home in nothing but cold rain. I am glad that the safety of children is the primary concern, but believe me I am worried about the impending boredom!
So......I must create a list of things to do while possibly snowed in to feel like a working citizen. I have 4 books to read and an at home gym. I brought home my lesson plan book to get some work done. And the exciting goal?? To paint. I think I will set up a mini studio in the basement (its somewhat heated) and try to push myself and find my painting groove. Although I have done SOME painting since college, I am interested to see what direction I go in. If only I had internet !!!! I want to do some artist research....bah humbug I say! Boo to living out in the country, getting snowed in, and not having internet.

Along with winter I am experienced the travel bug. It has been too long since I traveled! I applied for a work trip to Seattle for an art teacher conference, and my chance of getting that funded completely is slim. However, I have my hopes up for a partial funding of the trip at the least. Wouldnt it be neat to go to Seattle?? I would attend a HUGE art conference, listen to artists and speakers talk about things like the relationship between intelligence and creativity, and visit museums and galleries. It would motivate me in teaching for the rest of the year. Fingers crossed! But they can't do anything about it if we dont even go to work! Snow go away.....

Finally, I want to mention that Danny's wedding was an enjoyable success . . Congrats to the newlyweds who truly did everything right! Great times for all.

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