Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow days

School has been cancelled for three days in a row now. I have been getting a little stir crazy, so for tomorrow I have decided that I might just swim no matter what the cost. I would have to drive to a fitness center in a nearby town, either Marshall or Warrensburg, and pay the fee for a one day pass. I get frustrated over Sedalia's lack of aquatic opportunties all the time. There are enough swim programs for children, but adult access to the pools is very limited. Why do I live here again?? Oh yeah, for Darrin, my friends, my mother, small town convenience, and my career. I would be perfectly happy if Darrin ever decided to move to a larger town with a Ymca, or better yet, a 24 hour fitness.

So how can I keep this blog from turning into a fitness log? Some other things.....

I am reading an extensive biography on the artist De Kooning. He was a painter with an interesting life. It makes me wish I lived in an artsy village where I also happened to be talented enough to get a more artsy job. What the heck though, I teach art! Isnt there any way I can feel as if I am also an artist myself? The book centers on Modern Art, artists like Matisse, the surrealists, Mondrian. Those are artists that I viewed as modern, and heck, they lived and became famous before the 1920's! How is it that they are still the striking images that I was influenced by in my studies, the artists that I viewed as "new." It seems like artists now have such a large world thru internet and such a broad competition that we are all mediocre? Where do you go to see the real "new" trends? And why would I ever want to join the artists arena when the people that came to my college campuses specialized in the use of things like human hair, or animal intestines. Yuck! Do you have to go that far to be unique? And why are people really still debating whether abstract art is real art? Picasso lived in the 1800's. When will we move past that age old argument? My opinion is, if you want it perfectly realistic, take a dam picture :) hehehe. Anyway, I tell myself now that when it warms up I can paint in the garage or basement. Will I really stick to that? I do have the summer off work, and I guess I could save up some money for canvases, or learn how to mount them again, I knew that once. I also have 4 acres of natural outdoors to collect and include in my art............ i am thinking......

On that note, I want to mention that summer is now 4 months away. We teachers live in phases and are always counting down to our next vacation :) It sure makes time fly.
Till next time-

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