Monday, February 7, 2011

back in the game!

I am finally making art! I found my old college sketchbook from drawing class and was so inspired. In one day I reorganized my art supplies, did the fruit sketch, and began the "bedroom" painting. It feels great, and makes me want to do much more!

The fruit sketch was inspired after browsing my sketchbook and realizing that I wasnt a bad drawer after all. My portraits were especially surprising so now I want to draw Darrin (portrait means from the neck up by the way!). The bedroom painting was inspired by different fabrics and colors in the bedroom. It has been getting more eclectic in the bedroom and I think a painting might bring it all together and make things match more.

The painting is the most fulfilling - I even bought 20 dollars worth of painting supplies to finish it. Now that school is back in session I just have to paint in the evenings....bummer. Take a look at the pics I will post more in the future.

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