Tuesday, February 1, 2011

home sweet home

It is the end of snow day #1 of the superstorm and I have done very well. Today I cleaned the house quite a bit and feel like I can definitely be stuck here some more. When all was scrubbed and cleaned, it really makes me like this small country home a little. It also makes me wish I could revamp it some more. I have a couple things in mind: First idea is to lighten up our narrow and very dark hallway by using paneling paint. Of course, nobody likes wood paneling, especially how it has been used in our poor little hallway. The other idea is, of course, to paint the kitchen. The actual painted wall space is not that large because the kitchen has a couple walls that would not get painted. Currently, the kitchen is splatter paint and roosters. Yes, I said SPLATTER PAINT AND ROOSTERS. Really, that should mean "enough said". But alas, Darrin has somehow become attached to the kitchen for one simple reason: He is resistant to change. He has to be convinced that change is good, Geez he is old :) haha. I also have to convince him that painting a couple walls will not put our lives in chaotic disarray, it will not be terribly expensive, and it will feel AWESOME when it is finished, which wont take that long to be finished either. Most importantly, it will become Home. Right now, this house still belongs to the previous owners and I am staring at their creation every day. It is unsettling to me to not feel like I am home, and not be proud to show off our own creation to visitors. Until then I continue to wait and just clean clean clean. maybe the snow day made me more neurotic than I thought.

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