Friday, February 18, 2011

sunny days

The world is warm, sunny, and full of opportunity - and I am at school dwelling on imperfections and complaining to a coworker. What a negative nancy right?? The truth is though, nothing is perfect, and sometimes things are unfair. This job has made me extremely happy and my solution is to tell myself that it will be different next year. Why? Because the things that are unfair must change and I have trust that they will. I also tell myself to not be a pushover, because sometimes its my own fault for not standing up for myself. All that said, I can not fix these things today or tomorrow or next week, I have to deal with it next year. Bleh, so thats why I complain......and then I feel worse.

Back to the sunny days! Tomorrow I am watching Olympic swimmers with Jessie and Katie! How cool is that?? Some other highlights right now are that I am going to Seattle for sure in a month. My flight and lodging are reserved. I absolutely can not wait to see this city! It is full of art, culture, museums, and sights. It is also full of thousands of fellow art teachers for the art conference. I looked at the list of sessions for the first day, probably over 200 sessions, and picked out about ten I would like.

Other thoughts, I wondered to myself the other day, Who knows the most about diet and nutrition and in an educated healthy sense? A dietitician or nutritionist! And I decided that I want to know what they know so I bought a book for beginners. I am learning about calories, grams, portions, etc. I dont want to read about any trends, just the basic nutrition facts that someone educated would know. Its helping me tons already. I have easily been able to pack lunches, resist junk food, and might know a little about what I am eating. refreshing! Eventually I might know as much about diet as I do about fitness.

More updates later .....

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