Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Conference #1

Look at two of my neat art pieces from the Art Conference (Springfield). The metal rose was made from construction metal and barbed wire. The ceramic tiles were created with high quality glaze and strings for texture. I made both of these examples in workshops on Friday evening. They were back to back, then I rushed off to the "Life" drawing at Brick City in Springfield. All in all, Friday was the best day of the conference. Thursday's two art sessions were fun, especially to see clay printmaking and plaster. Saturday was kind of a boring end compared to Friday so I left early and headed home before lunch. I was exhausted! I slept for 13 hours on Sat night!
I think it would be great to paint ceramic tiles in my painting class! What a neat way to incorporate some clay in with painting. Adding clay printmaking is also an option. Personally, I have a lot of ideas that I can not only teach, but experiment with myself. I was already planning to use the rest of my red clay for tiles and painting, which I would like to give a few away as gifts. The conference also taught me some broader ideas for helping build my district art department and ways to show student work online. The future is bright :) I have the most incredible opportunity to expand some of those ideas in Seattle and ask questions. Only a few days left.........

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