Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicks in Movies

So I am looking out the glass doors at our snow covered back yard and it's very pretty. The farmer's almanac said we would have a blizzard this weekend, the weather forecast said chance of snow with no accumulation, and in actuality we have about 3 inches.

Darrin and I spent the weekend at home mostly and going to bed early. Yesterday we took mom and Tim to Menards and bought tons of spring flowers to plant around the house. We picked out house paint colors as well as deck stains and lawn furniture. Once home Darrin made some amazing Tortilla soup and we rented The Fighter on tv. The Fighter is a great movie! Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams. You would not know Amy Adams is in the movie of course by looking at the cover or reading the info on tv. I have a thing about chicks in movies, especially in "man" movies. If the man movie does not have any chicks at all then I find it completely uninteresting. Well, some are a little interesting but just add one girl to the cast and that's all I need to help me through. In The Fighter, I asked "I wonder who the chick is going to be?" Darrin of course cracked a joke that nobody cares, and I was truly thrilled when Amy Adams showed up on screen in an eighties halter top, daisy dukes, and taking no crap from anybody. Another great part of The Fighter was the soundtrack and eighties clothing – just hilarious at points. The absence of cell phones (Amy wrote her number down on a napkin for Mark) and the general feel of the eighties made me want to go back! Haha. Next movie on the list? Sucker Punch. I hate scifi but this movie is full of hot chicks kicking butt J Maybe it will motivate me to jog on the treadmill and do some pushups.

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