Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My new summer Goal

Today I created an artist business card. I picked a simple black and white design and used an image of one of my pencil sketches. The sketch is one of the "bedroom" painting sketches which I thought was more interesting than an image of the actual painting. It looks okay......I will show it to Darrin and see what he thinks. I like the idea of having a career business card, although I am not sure which contact info I wanted to include. I am still unsure about this blog too, but as of now its included.

At one of the conferences, a teacher asked me if I had a card, and thats what got me thinking. Why not? Its just a quick way to give out contact info to anyone I befriend that is a teacher, artist, professor, friend, colleague, etc. I am also thinking about my summer goals. What will happen if I put my personal quest in art as my summer priority? My De Kooning book is inspiring (still reading this huge book!) as well as the personal artist seminars I attended. I even got to thinking about last summer's goal of doing the triathlons and how that is technically off the bucket list now, and this summer needs a new goal. So, ART it is! How exciting! The other summer goals include things like royals games, float trips, and afternoons at the pool, hehhe. Lets see how productive I end up being.

I might do one triathlon May 15th in St. Genevieve, Mo. It would be a nice road trip for Darrin and I and its one hour away from Elephant Rock State Park. I think I will just keep this triathlon low key and a personal solo goal rather than inviting all of friends and family to join me. One other note, LIfe is good! I truly love life right now! Thanks to Darrin and loving friends and family for making it that way :) and happy birthday to my bros!

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