Friday, March 25, 2011

revisiting my purpose....

I love this blog. I wish I had comments and knew that people were reading it. During my high points and my low points I like being able to write and share. It feels great.

When I started this blog (if you read the very first entry) it was to reveal myself in an open and honest way to the people that I love and care about. It was also to just have fun. Now here is my problem: I am feeling constrained by invisible ties. There is such a pressure to not reveal your personal life, or to not reveal your professional life. With internet of course we all know that personal and professional lives are moving closer and closer together - whether people want that to happen or not. What do I want? I want to be myself!! I dont think there should be any problem with me having a personal life in current society, and that personal life is viewable in our current society. Thanks to facebook, blogs, personal or career websites, etc you can look a person up and learn tons of things about them! You can look up my school website and learn about my school as well. I have no problem with that, but FEAR is constraining me.

I want to blog about relationships, teaching, health and fitness, art trends, education, but not in some vague way. I want to write about my personal experiences and thoughts. If I cant do that, then I can not be myself and I can not be honest. I will be thrilled when internet freedom becomes a new addition to our list of freedoms...........then I might feel safe. Until then, should my blog be privatized? Maybe then I can just write write write without having to constantly censor what I am "thinking."

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