Friday, March 25, 2011

Seattle Washington

Seattle was gorgeous. I feel alive, nourished, and intelligent. I have a million things I want to blog about. I journaled, kept notes, have read books, so many ideas!!! I also made friends with three wonderful girls that I shared a room with in my hostel. I will tell some of the small high lights of the trip in this post, and get into big ideas in other posts.
The gals that I roomed with: Kate from England, Clare and Rachel from San Francisco. Kate is a lawyer visiting her son that works in the States. Clare and Rachel are both art teachers who were also attending the conference in Seattle. All the gals were funloving and we had a great night out in Seattle our last night, eating Vietnamese and visiting a martini bar.
The weather was great, I walked everywhere, I loved the monorail, the space needle viewing deck, and Olympic Sculpture park. Pike Place fish market was not as good as my childhood memories, it is very covered and a single aisle strip with no direct view of the ocean or docks. I remember it being much better 20 years ago.
I did not get to leave Seattle and visit the National Park, bummer! Not enough time and too many good conference topics that I did not want to miss. I also took some wise advice about enjoying it with someone special and spending a quality amount of time there.
I broke my suitcase handle and the wheel fell off - time for new luggage.
At one point during my arrival, I was surrounded by middle aged art teachers. They were loud, anxious, and stressed about our poor shuttle service. Thats what happens I guess when you put thousands of women together trying to go to the same place. On the shuttle with 7 of them, I realized this was not the crowd I wanted to surround myself with during the trip. Thank god for rachel, clare, and kate!
The hostel was OUTSTANDING. If you are scared of hostels, its because you dont know what they are and have not been to one. I sat in the hot tub each night, the place was spotless and had an awesome free breakfast, internet room, game room, etc etc. A hostel is a combination of a dorm, bed and breakfast, and even hotel amenities, all with a group of friendly people that are taking good care of their neighbors.
Olympic National Park is now on my bucket list: Just look up a photo of second beach, or the waterfalls inside the park.

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