Monday, April 18, 2011

Home sweet home, finally!

Our house looks amazing! The kitchen is painted green and gray. The deck is stained and looks absolutely wonderful! Darrin bought a beautiful patio set and a hammock. Our list of things to do this month is completely finished.

I can not wait to get home and look at it. We actually stand in the kitchen and just stare, and then we stand on the deck and stare, we are so proud! It took probably 25 hours this weekend to get it all finished, and my back is so sore.

I am completely ready for my friends and family to visit on my birthday weekend, the pool is even full so if the weather is hot enough maybe someone will jump in :) Our outdoor home is ready, and the indoor home is finally coming along.

This summer we are painting the house and the latice around the deck, staining the fence, and mowing etc. Before this winter we want to redo the living room with a dark color, crown molding, and wood floors. Its gonna be great. It also makes me scared someday I might have to leave this house because for once, I am becoming attached to it. Just another fear to throw in the larger bucket of fears anyway. I will find some peace with that irrational fear soon enough.

It has been worth all the work, and I will get some pictures up to show off soon.

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