Saturday, June 11, 2011


My summer goal this year is to paint and build my artist collection. Last summer my goal was to complete in the big triathlon, i trained every day. So now, I need to spend a lot of time in the basement studio painting. Until a couple days ago, I had not even stepped foot into the studio. My time had been spent so far taking care of ducks, my mom, and doing some annual chores. I also spent one lovely night catching up with Tino, my true friend in KC. Tino and I both have summer career goals, and she was already well aware of my painting goal. When i said I had done nothing, Tino was let down. She gave me the best positive encouragement and advice to get me on track. She recommended allotting just four hours a day to my art, 10-2 pm. We also decided she can hold me accountable, and I will send her pictures and updates. I really needed her support and push!

Two days later, i grabbed all my ideas and combined them to create the first summer painting: Blessing. I sketched it, journaled, titled it, and the creative process has begun. The painting started with a sketch of a heart from two years ago, some color schemes from magazines, and the following mindset: I have every thing I could want, I am truly happy, and I need to do something with that. I love darrin, this house, this summer, my education, my job, family, friends, the ability to travel, learn, and relax. I love the nature around me, the animals and frogs and owls and deer. We have a freaking cherry tree! An apple tree, a peach tree, roses, berries, a pool, a giant hammock, I have an art studio, so much to be grateful for! So yes, this first painting is called Blessed. Pictures to come.

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