Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been a little while. I am in summer mode and loving it! I am in the middle of my third week of summer, and I hate to let a single minute of it go to waste. During the first week I inherited two teenaged ducks from my brother Jesse. They have melted my heart. They are so floppy, stupid, and cute. They are also happy, and I will be heartbroken when any trials come their way. Today was the first time I forgot to let them out of their pen in the morning. One time I forgot to shut them in at night, and I felt so guilty. So today I returned from the pool at one pm, and Darrin had just let them out. It was a cooler day so they were not hot, but they had knocked over their water.

Here is where it gets interesting. . Darrin pulled out of the driveway for work, and I went to the ducks to apologize. They were happy and fine, so I checked their food and water. I lifted the lid to their covered section of the pen, and discovered a six foot long black snake! The snake and I both froze, just looking at each other. I wondered if the ducks had been scared, or even noticed? The snake was not going anywhere, and I am not afraid of snakes, so I ran to the car to get my phone, of all things, haha. I snapped a full set of photos as the snake slithered out of the pen and under the storage shed. I do kinda wish i had killed it, but I have never used a shotgun before. Time to practice. We also have two giant snapping turtles in the pond. At this point, I am only wanting to protect my helpless little ducks.

After the snake ordeal, we went to Columbia today, and bought a small kids swimming pool for the ducks while visiting ToysRus. Yes, they are my kids now ha. It's been a drought and the ducks are scared of the pond still. They had also been out all day while we traveled, and I wanted to get home ASAP to check on them. So we are driving . . . And it storms like crazy!! I imagined my poor ducks going thru their first ever thunderstorm. We got home, and they were having a heyday in a six inch puddle! They loved it! Hahaha. After plenty of playtime, we put them in their pen with fresh food and water. An hour ago I checked, and no snake, yet.

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