Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First week of summer

It's been a while. I am happy to say I am typing this on my new Ipad2 from home. I have some details to work out but so far this device is amazing.

Summer started a week ago, and I have been quite the nurse for the first week. I inherited two baby ducks, mom had full surgery, and darrin and I are taking care of cats and house projects. I can not say I have done much personal goals yet, but I have plenty on the list. The Annual chores are finished, as well as some house cleaning. I have also taken my car in for some much needed maintenance.

Now what? Party time! Ha. Swim in the pool, drink some beer, plan some camping or float trips, visit the gals in kc, etc etc. Art night should be at my house ASAP, and hope I get some projects started. Before then though, more nursing. Tomorrow I clean the duck pen and take mom to more doctor appointments.......hopefully a more exciting post in the next couple days!

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