Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lightbulbs turning on

Rambles, goals.

When i get very excited and happy during contemplation, i have noticed a trend in my thoughts. I am most happy when I have planned some detail about my future. Is that a girl thing? Perhaps, but i would bet money that guys do it too. Once I mentally solve a problem, decide on a goal, or plan any new idea, I get internal happiness that lasts at least a whole day. The neat thing about this blog is that i can put it down in ink, share my ideas with others, and fine tune it.

Today I was thinking about last years summer goal, the triathlon, and how fit and trim I was. I am doing different things this summer: painting, duck raising, and remodeling the house. I was also briefly thinking about how depressing it is during the long winter months of teaching (I try not to think about teaching at all during summer). This previous year I would work, carpool home, then eat a huge meal and lay down until bed. It was a true downer, and I was exhausted every day. The house was small and cold. I would literally turn on the space heater and hole up in bed until the next morning I had to get up for work again. So one obvious problem is that we need to use our heating system more, the other problem is that i need something to help me survive the school year physically and mentally. I realized that doing my triathlon activities during the winter months might be just what I need. What better way to fight off career lackluster than to stomp it out an a treadmill right? Haha. Even better, we have a punching bag in the basement!

So the school year is nine and a half months long, I will schedule about three triathlons during the year. The first will be In the fall, just a small beginners tri to get me going. The winter tri will be only slightly more intense but enough to keep me in shape during early snows. I might throw in a 5k or 10k during early spring, and this will end in April with the big tri. My birthday is April 30th, (the big golden 30!) and before then my winter fitness deluge must officially be over. Done. D. U. N. Senior trip will be the following week, and summer will start a week after that, then I am back to happiness, where I am right now! Ahh a teachers life revolves around summer, what else would keep us going? With this plan I will stay fit thru the winter, have stress release outlets from work, and be able to relax, party, and travel all summer long. The only thing that could ruin this plan might be financial obstacles, which I fear might be around the corner, but when that happens I will just happily brainstorm a new plan! What do ya guys think??


  1. You are right. Having a goal is what keeps the mind and spirit alive. Uncle Dale

  2. I've noticed when I don't have an active goal or plan to work at, I sit around and get depressed. That's the hard thing about long term goals like paying off my house. I was real excited for about a year and a half. Now that's worn off even though I'm on the same pace. Now that I'm back in school finishing my degree I have a new goal to work towards. I need more short term goals though to make me happier.

  3. Bro I will help you make some short-term goals! It's fun.