Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer travels

Rambles, sitting by the pool

I have been on summer vacation for five weeks and I am finally sitting by the pool, reading, writing, swimming. The cat is sleeping next to me on the deck, the ducks are eating bugs by the pond. Darrin bought a pond fountain that shoots twelve feet high and the sound of waterfall is so relaxing. This country home is just glorious. I recommend it to anyone that dreams of getting out of the city. I didn't know i would enjoy this house, actually did not expect to, and it's just great.

While I have avoided the pool I have been traveling. After the kc trip, I booked a flight to Boston to visit Kelly petree. Boston was another unexpectedly wonderful experience. The first day we joined the whole city in celebrating the local hockey teams winning of the Stanley cup. If you can imagine the chiefs winning the superbowl or the royals winning the world series, that's what it was like when the Boston bruins won the Stanley cup. We stood three hours at a sports bar before getting a table, our friends waited outside for two hours and never got in. After the game, crowds of people thronged the streets, and Kelly and i were right in the middle of it. I had never heard of the bruins before that day, but we were both hooping and hollering and high fiving people in cars, honking horns, and even climbing a building, hehe. We took our chances in the celebration riot then escaped out of there unharmed. Luckily ;)

The rest of Boston was good quality time with kel, court, their dogs, and the city. We drank beer at the cheers bar, ate at a dive college pizza bar, toured Harvard, museums, parks. Just an awesome trip.

So the other summer trip, Chicago! Darrin and my stepdad wanted to go to Illinois for the annual corvette car show. We planned it as a road trip and stayed in a shady hotel to save some cash :) so Saturday, my mom and I dropped off the boys and took off for downtown. We went straight to the art museum and I saw the most famous paintings I have ever seen. They truly had iconic images from any art history class, what some people might not realize is that these are the originals. You can actually stand face to face with the exact original brushstrokes of a famous Picasso, de kooning, Monet, etc. I got to stare, from inches away, at one of van gogh's bedroom paintings. It's very neat. The museum also has mummies, statues, etc.

After the art museum, mom and I took a cab to navy pier and boarded an architecture cruise. The most educated tour guide took us thru downtown by river, directly below the historic skyscrapers. Just an outstanding experience and we learned about Chicago history. We returned to the corvette show, picked up our boys, and enjoyed great family time with only a little road trip bickering.

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