Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Madness

Yesterday was a rough Monday. The kids were normal, my schedule was as good as it gets, the day was actually nice. But I just didn't want to work. That's normal right? A bad case of the Monday's? Happens to everybody. Makes us want to change our careers.

Well I want to change my career! Ha. I am starting to feel like i might have to. Not that I have any other realistic options, but if the feeling persists I will figure something out. Eventually.

Teaching has good benefits. Excellent perks, so many that most others would agree I should not complain. The best thing about teaching is the amount of time that you Don't have to teach! It's true though, if you think about it. We work from 7 to 3. We have every weekend and holiday off. We get extended breaks, and a fully paid summer off work. Thats why I teach! Because I don't have to! And then there was yesterday. . . The first Monday of the school year. Ugh. I pouted, whined, and just felt completely unmotivated most of the morning. The kids were cheerful so that helped me through, and yet at the same time I try to find fault with the kids. I think to myself, they don't care about learning, they just want to socialize. The lesson I work to prepare and present to them is a passing thought. They wait and work just enough to make me feel somewhat useful and almost validated, then they spend every minute possible socializing. It's what teenagers care about. What do I care about? Learning. I want to learn! I want to read, study, research, collaborate, create, all the things that these kids can do and choose not to do! Not all of them of course. There is one extremely talented and artistic student engrossed in his six assigned design drawings, oblivious to the other 23 kids in the room that are talking about their social lives.

So, I want to trade places with them. I don't feel like I am growing, learning, or doing new things. I continue to manage the behavior of groups of children, perfecting my methods of crowd control, and feeling less and less happy about doing it during this third year of teaching.

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