Monday, October 10, 2011


It's October, and I don't remember a more beautiful fall. Each day is more beautiful and temperate than the day before, and its been this way for three weeks. Today I woke and let the ducks out, laid on our new duck watching lawn chair, and felt great. I knew it would be an awesome day no matter what.

It's been a while since I wrote, since august when I was struggling to get back into another year of teaching. This year, my third year, has been the best. I am honest with myself and realize my teacher sense has improved immensely. My classroom management skills are so much better and I feel so privileged when a kid comes to me for advice. It can be very satisfying, and other days very frustrating, like when I feel like i just clean up after disrespectful kids all day long. I do love the district I work in, and I noticed this year the kids are beginning to trust me and like me much more. It takes years to gain their trust, believe it or not. Very satisfying though, and I don't feel that any other school would be better, or different. I also think the challenges would be the same elsewhere.

So, my career is fine. The home with Darrin is awesome. He is great, and we are doing good. Recently we acquired some new furniture, as well as a new roof, and overall the house is improving. My basement art studio is still in tact and i added my winter fitness gear to it. Ready to workout!

My biggest issue lately is the same as always, I want to travel. Travel travel travel. Today I was thinking about it, always in the back of my mind. I was trying to problem solve and decided that i simply don't make enough money to travel as much as I would like. I went on many trips last year: Boston, Seattle, Chicago, and Colorado. It's never enough! And after those four trips completely depleted my savings account and emergency fund so badly that it will take months to recover. A teachers salary pays the bills but that's about it. While i was fretting over this today the beautiful weather made me pause and think, why am I not happy enough to just be here? But I do believe that this is my home base, the place that keeps me stable, happy, emotionally safe. And the biggest blessing of my career choice is the time I have to travel, if only i had the money to do so. So onward with the problem solving mentality, how can I earn more money???

haha. Doesn't everybody struggle with that. In the meantime, I am considering taking a graduate history class at UCM. Studying history is so fulfilling, and maybe I can use it to help figure everything else out. Currently I am reading a biography on Thomas Jefferson, I was inspired to learn more about Jefferson after watching the John Adams movies. Jefferson is amazing, interesting, and inspiring. And I mean the real Jefferson not the boring hero persona given to him by third grade textbooks. Next up, maybe Thomas Paine or Benjamin Franklin.

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