Monday, October 10, 2011

Research and possibilities

I would like to share a couple things I have been researching lately. But first, i should tell how pleased i was with my first teacher presentation! I mentioned briefly before that i was presenting at a teacher inservice in September. I spent all summer reading a book and mentally preparing notes. In the end, I whittled the PowerPoint down to some big ideas, shared some research I picked up in Seattle, and taught a short art project. All in forty-five minutes, and it was a huge success. I felt like i was in my element. Sharing information with adults made me a little nervous, but was so much more satisfying, especially when they complimented me! It was also a huge amount of preparation, but I think I could get quicker. I would like to share some of the info on here sometime.

So a new discovery I found when reading about Thomas Jefferson was the learning schedule he created for his daughter. It was neat to see what he prioritized and the time allotted for each activity. There were a couple hours of dance, an hour of musical instrument practice, writing and reading, etc etc. I plan to write down the exact schedule and put in my research folder.

I am also considering home based art tutoring, ideally for home schooled children or for kids that have parents who realize the importance of the arts. Just some thoughts, more info to come later.

Lastly, I painted two paintings for an auction. They both sold, although I think for pretty cheap. One painting sold for 85, the other for 30. 30 dollars would never happen if it had not been for charity, i don't think an artist would even consider selling a painting for that. 30 dollars might cover materials, but definitely not a profit considering time spent. However, the experience was nothing but good for me, since the materials were donated and it was a really fun experience. I got to see some old friends, maybe get my name out there, and acquire a touch of professionalism from it. And at the end of the day, there are two strangers out there that have my painting hanging up in their house. That's the coolest thing! Maybe i should give away some more artwork cuz it felt surprisingly good.

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