Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Calm before the storm? I hope not.

My life is currently more organized than it has been in my working career. Everything has it's place, and it is all in it's place. The house is ready for winter, my car parked in the attached garage ready for snow. Chores are caught up, house is clean, plants, mirrors, and pictures are hung.

The duck pen is ready for winterization. They have heated a water bowl and a heat lamp to survive January. We have plastic to cover the pen from chilly winds and straw for sleeping.

At school I have done things this week that I have never done. Table tops are scrubbed and painted, bulletin boards are fresh, shelves organized, grading is done early, and unbelievably I have organized my desk. The closet is clean in a way it has never been. I have my own microwave at school and a pile of healthy snacks. I even have been taking pictures of artwork and posting it online for viewing.

My bills are paid online, I'm caught up on phone calls, calendars are current. Most important, I have my current big life goal to work towards. The eurotrip fund is officially started, with about 400 this first month saved. All my travel plans are booked for Christmas. I have plans for the second job for November and January. I just finished my Thomas Jefferson biography. I'm accepted to UCM for a masters in history. I have a new painting idea next in line. Everything is ready, ready for what? I don't know, but I'm ready.

Out with friends this weekend, anytime a person asked me, "how're you doing?" I just thought of how organized everything is and had to say, things are very good.

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