Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep trying!

I was thinking of where I could get a second job to save up money for eurotrip 2012. I looked into retail stores, and realized they would start me out at minimum wage, or very close to minimum wage, which in Missouri is 7.25. So I realized I would be looking at probably 8 dollars per hour at the gig, especially if it's retail or similar. It really disillusioned me. I thought what's the point of that? I have a college degree, and is it worth my time to mess around with jobs that horrible anyway?

Then i remembered all the career opportunities i had looked into over the past year, and got even more bummed. I still am not teaching any dual credit or college courses, I'm not taking any college courses, I'm not painting in my studio or showing artwork, I'm not teaching any private art lessons. Loser right!

Well, here is my new view on both. I need to get my act together. I emailed a contact about teaching college classes, and she responded positively. I just needed to take a step of action myself. It's not gonna fall into my lap! I picked up my mail, and there is some progress on my status with enrolling in another college masters program, I just need to wait another week or two. I also need to apply for a scholarship! I can't afford another degree on my own. I need to revamp the studio and finish my owl painting. TONIGHT! Today, I printed my flyer for private art lessons. Now I can drop them off with some clever contacts. How can I be sad that none of this stuff has happened to me if I have not put in the effort?

Now lastly, about the part time job. I did some math and even at a mere 8 dollars per hour, three nights a week, I can save up close to 2400 over eight months. That is HALF of the funds I need for eurotrip. The other half I can scrimp, save, and apply my lowly tax refund. It will work. I just have to try, not give up, ask for what I want, and stop being lazy! Anyone know of any job openings?


  1. When I open my All-American store you can work for me....

  2. Ha bro sure. I can manage the branch in Sedalia