Monday, December 19, 2011

Go to the East Side Market!

So I went to two small local businesses for groceries this month. The first was the healthy foods store, the second was the east side market (Amish type produce store). I spent about the same at each store: 50 dollars.

From The first store, healthy foods, I came out with a lot of instant "noodles." they carry a lot of Thai, Indian, and cultural items. I was able to find quinoa, which I read about in magazines all the time but can't find in grocery stores. I also got pre made organic soups, chai tea, organic deodorant and shampoo. The problem with the food, I tried four different noodle/soup meals before finding one that I liked enough to eat. The Indian chili was the good one, but probably not good enough to buy again. The chai spice tea is ok, not my favorite. I still have more to try.

Now the east side market looks like a small produce store, and I was surprised at how much they actually have inside. I could easily eat a full diet from their selection. The neatest thing was how fresh, local, homegrown everything is. The Amish girls were in the back baking fresh loaves of bread! I picked a loaf of warm, buttery, oatmeal bread and it renewed that dangerous love of bread that I used to have. The treasures were abundant. Spicy cheese, veggie cheese, chocolate, milk, peppers, butter lettuce, cheese dip, Italian spices, almonds, butterscotch pecans, fruit, salsa, mango jam, jalapeƱo jelly. I left with 5 bags full, came home, and had an excellent taste party for lunch. It was all good.

In the end, i will get beauty supplies and cultural foods from one, and a majority of groceries from the other. I should mention the east side market was very reasonably priced, comparable to grocery stores. The healthy foods store was more expensive, but carries rare and less common items, such as the quinoa. The biggest point of this blog? Go to the east side market! I loved it.

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