Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today has been wonderful. It is the first full day of my holiday break, Saturday, and I have spent it pampering myself. I woke this morning and jogged a mile on the treadmill in the art studio, then did lifts, sit-ups, etc. Afterwards I tanned, got my hair trimmed and highlighted, and eyebrows waxed. After that, I went the the health foods store and picked up neat tea, rice, soups, and Thai meals to try, as well as some organic shampoo and deodorant. It's been a great start to enjoying my two weeks off work.

Its especially wonderful in contrast to the last day of work yesterday which was filled with some unnecessary drama and unprofessional behavior which is bothering me. But, I was not perfect last week and managed to step on some toes myself, so I can't claim too much unfairness. At the end of the day, I have to forget it, move on, and leave it in the past. That mental note is furthered by the knowledge that the next work day is already different. Everyone will have already forgotten all the events of the day before and will be focused on new events. Or at least they will tire of gossiping about them.

So, I shall focus on pleasant things such as this chai tea, the christmas gifts I am making in my art studio, my night out tonight with good company, and the many many good things to come in the next two weeks and beyond. Hooray for family, for vacation, for our trip to the beach, and an upcoming new years eve of a lifetime thanks to Tino! Happy holidays everyone.

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