Friday, March 30, 2012

I love Missouri

Either I really do love my home state, or I'm just experiencing spring euphoria. Lately I have been driving with the windows down, and in awe of the beautiful green grass, golden sun, fresh smells, blooms, pretty lakes and ponds, I even admire the barns and animals. Our house and yard is alive with flowers, trees blooming, ducks, geese, horses, deer; it's shockingly beautiful every day.

As I rode my bike yesterday on the Katy Trail I couldn't stop admiring the sights. I have seen them all for years, and it still seemed new. The smells also bring back attached memories, and each time something looks beautiful even though I have seen it many times, just adds to the glory. I definitely love Missouri. Some parts of woods are so dense and viney it seems like a jungle. The wild deer that I see every few days always amaze me.

Last weekend, two wild geese played with my pet ducks for a whole afternoon. After hours of swimming and napping, they finally honked and flew away. It was exciting company, especially for ugly duck, he loved them.

I guess when I travel to neat places, it is making me appreciate my home state even more. Every time I step outside of Kansas city airport, I'm so glad to be home. I hope I have the means to travel for the rest of my life, but I will always live in Missouri.

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