Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 days . . .

30 days . . .

I created a Facebook event for my upcoming birthday party, and I was able to time it so the invites sent out exactly thirty days ahead. It's also my 30th birthday, as well as my golden birthday, and some special people are coming so . . . .it's kinda a big deal :)

As it has been sinking in how old I am going to be, I debate on how much I should give in to old age and let myself go :) ha. Maybe I should give up the tanning salon and start wearing sunblock to prevent wrinkles? Wear capris instead of short skirts? Flats instead of heels, quit wearing makeup . . . . . I am ashamed to admit I have already changed. I'm old, and nothing makes it more clear than to look at myself from the perspective of a 22 year old, or even worse, from the perspective of an 11 year old.

Regardless of the obvious reality, I continue to fight on. From the midst my mind has formed a thirty day challenge for myself: one last tanning package, one more fitness challenge, one more night out in a sparkly dress.

The thirty day fitness challenge I have formed for myself is this: I want to be able to do pushups. I want to beat my fastest time on the mile run. I want to kick butt on burpees, do two minutes of planks, sprint up hills. I have done small challenges each day now for 7 days. Slowly increasing my time, my form, my number of correct pushups. There is no big goal like the triathlon, just a lot of small goals building up to create one big plan.

I love it.

Another thing helping me is the government website: Supertracker, created by the USDA. It counts your calories, but does a lot more. It graphs your nutrition intake, fitness, and sends tips and reminders. It also congratulates me when I meet goals :)
The downside to super tracker, like any calorie counter, is the time I spend entering meals and exercise. But I do know that I eat enough iron, protein, and too much carbs. It's fun for thirty days at least.

So next, I'm going to start logging how many pushups I did this morning, and try to do more tomorrow. At least I'm motivated right now, and the best thing about it is how good I feel.

30 day fitness challenge and goals:

Do ten pushups in a row, breathing the whole time, with good form.
Run sprints up hills in order to improve my running speed.
Beat my fastest mile time of 9:40.
Hold a plank for two minutes.
Practice doing burps, squats, and other researched mat exercises.

Long term goals:
Be able to do pull ups in good form.
Acquire the bar or machine that I can begin doing pull ups on.
Do another triathlon in 2013.

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