Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bucket list renewed

I decided to renew my bucket list and started brainstorming. While doing so, I realized I am settling down and very career oriented. Some wishes were materialistic instead of experience driven. Many others were career goals. What I am missing are the exciting things though. I couldn't even think of any! The last time i wrote a bucket list was in college, and I know it was crazy. See a giant alligator or lion, check. Make out with someone in an elevator, check. What else? I also think . . . . . .I have done most of those crazy things. I must have, right? Regardless, here is the new version with thoughts included.

Bucket list or things I have considered, or things I want. . . . . . In random order.

Learn Spanish, preferably while abroad in puerto Rico, costa rica, or elsewhere.
Market my blog professionally
Teach English internationally
Visit Asia: Thailand, hong kong, china, Japan, etc
Visit argentina and the south American inca ruins
Complete another triathlon of equal length, hopefully 2013
Payoff debt: one credit card and two degrees
Have lots of duck babies, from my own ducks
Go on a cruise or resort stay, without worrying about expenses

Is this really all I can imagine????? Keep trying . . . . . .

Ride in a hot air balloon that lands safely
Create a painting/art series and my first show in a gallery
Work in a college atmosphere
Research and write papers or conduct research surveys etc
Learn art therapy

Geez my first bucket list in college was so much more interesting. I guess I am getting old and realistic... .more brainstorming.....

Home desires that are materialistic and don't belong on a bucket list:
A walk in closet
An office of my own at home with a reading window nook
A second level master bedroom/bath with a balcony overlooking the pond
A gas saving new car

More bucket list?
Startup my business idea . . .its a secret :) get the two related books to read
Have an orange male tomcat indoor/outdoor
Have an endless pool or access to something just as good.

I give up. This is plenty to pursue until i think of more extravagant experiences.

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