Saturday, May 26, 2012

Four Factors of Happiness

As I merged into summer break the last week, I have defined what makes me most happy. I think it would make anyone happy, and it makes me grateful that I have all four factors of what constitutes happiness, because not everyone does.

First, I would start with Fitness. The reason I think Fitness comes first, is because I have to put myself first and so do you. You know what they say, you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with others. I also think Fitness is most important, because it is the absolute quickest jolt into an energy high . . . . . .which feels great. It catapults us through the dark tunnel of stress and negativity into fresh air, bright light, and need I say? Happiness. Lastly, fitness is most important because good health means you feel good. I read somewhere that the biggest obstacle to quality of life as we age is poor health, sickness, injuries, etc. Sure, we may have a great life, but if we don't feel good, that great life will always be overshadowed.

The second factor to happiness is family. This is where I feel most lucky because many many people don't have family, or supportive family, or family that lives nearby. I really don't think there is more of a genuine love than for family. When I see my brother or dad or mom, I get a little overwhelmed with joy, especially when we are all together.

The last two, friends and fun, really go together and need no explanation. We need friends in order to get away from the bore of everyday living. A night out, a backyard barbecue, a bike ride, whatever it takes to exchange ideas and experiences. Where family brings love, Friends bring excitement.

It's easy to focus on the good things when you're on an extended vacation. Our country needs more breaks, vacations, and time off from work. At the very least, I hope you plan your next jog at the park :)


  1. Speaking of jogs at the park. My favorite park by the river is recovering nicely since the flood. I think what I'm lacking is fitness. I've always noticed how much better I feel when I'm working out. Somethin to do with releasing endorphins or somethin... I've cut back on some work but haven't increased working out. That's what I'm gonna work on the rest of the year.

  2. Cool bro! I'm glad you aren't working like such a maniac, although every time I call you are working overtime somehow. Remember this: Triathlon 2013. I plan to do a couple small ones, and a big one again next summer. Also, we should jog at your park Tuesday night!