Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I can still hear them quacking

I can still hear them quacking. I walk out to my car or out on the porch, and I hear quacks. I look around, tear up a bit, and remember my lovely ducks. They were good pets they really were. They followed me around, nibbled on our feet, splashed and played, and they would never hurt a thing except for bugs :) They were raised by my brother Jesse and his 4 kids; completely domesticated. They never flew. They walked into their pen each night and waited for us to shut the door. And that's the saddest part. . . . A raccoon tore through the back of their pen and carried my babies off for dinner. Ugly duck was slain and too big to carry off. My mallards left behind only blood and feathers and a trail of being dragged through brush.

Pure devastation. I know people are tired of hearing me talk, whine, cry, about my baby ducks, but after this blog I promise I will let it go :) The duckies deserve this post though, they were with me for a year, and I need to work on closure, lol. I can laugh about it too, so don't think I'm too crazy.

People talk about how happy their dog is to see them when they walk in the door, and my ducks were the same. They seemed always happy to see us and quacking when we walked up. They are very peaceful (except in mating season) and will sleep, splash, play, chase bugs, and quack away. They had an adventurous year, met and played with other ducks and geese, disappeared a couple times to the creek bed, and survived dogs, fox, and snakes nearby.

Darrin and I let them down in the end. We threw pet food on the porch or in the brush, saw raccoon poop and thought nothing of it, patched a weak spot in the pen poorly, and after a full year, the raccoons did what they do. They ate my ducks.

They were beautiful green headed mallards, brothers, and of course I don't need to describe poor ugly duck. He was something else. They loved watermelon, fish food, noodles, tomatoes, and fresh water. I loved them and I will always remember them and cry, just like with Monster Kitty and Dopey. I'm sorry I let you down duckies, and I will always hear you quack. Next time I will do better, if there is a next time. In the meantime, dear family and friends, please do not surprise me with any gifts that breathe, have fur or feathers, or anything similar. RIP duckies.

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